Saturday, November 17, 2007

Relationships between men and women at BYU-I

I was hanging out with my roommate, Lisa, the other night, and we started talking about guys. However, it was more in depth than your usual conversation that goes something like this: "Like, oh my gosh! I totally like like _(insert name of latest crush here)__."

This time we got to talking about how guys on campus are players, to a certain extent, and how they're encouraged to be that way. This pressure comes from all sorts of places, including bishops and devotional speakers. Also, everyone knows the guy-to-girl ratio at BYU-I is definitely in the guy's favor, and we definitely agreed that the ratio is part of the reason they might seem like players.

We also agreed that those two things are probably part of the reason more guys get married at BYU-I than girls. I know it might seem like a "duh" thing, but we came up with reasons why this happens. Not only are they encouraged to be players, but with the odds the way they are, it's more likely they'll get married because they have more single girls to choose from and match with. It just statistically makes sense.

Then we talked about how most girls on BYU-I campus tend to chase guys — one at a time. She focuses her efforts on one guy to have a crush on and doesn't look up from him during the entire semester. Since the odds are already fighting against her, she handicaps herself even more by only focusing on one guy.

The ironic part of this whole conversation was when we realized that women are usually the ones who can multi-task, and men are usually the ones who have a hard time listening to their wives and watching the game at the same time.

So, women who are single and looking, throw your line in more places! If the odds seem to be working against you, tip them in your favor.

Men, keep on keepin' on. Even though some people might see you as players for asking out a different girl every weekend, it's a good way for you to get to know a lot of people and increase your chances of finding "The One" — wherever she is.


Brandon said...

It's an interesting theory. I'm not sure that these methods of dating are solely male or female... I've known lots of girls who date tons of guys at once, and plenty of guys who focus on one girl at a time.

But you're right about how the "one guy per semester" technique lowers the odds you'll find your future husband while at school by quite a bit.

Dave and Sharon said...

So, I have to find out about my daughter's blog from her brother! (Do I sound like a Jewish mother???)

Very interesting theory..... Let me know when you do something else like this.