Friday, August 8, 2008

The Shirt Social Experiment

So, as usual, I was in a hurry to get dressed and out the door yesterday, and in the process I guess I put my shirt on inside out. I didn't realize I'd done it until I got to work and almost stepped out of the car. I rolled my eyes, and promised myself I'd switch my shirt as soon as I clocked in and got a few things done.

By the time I remembered to fix it, two hours had passed, which brought out the Sociologist in me - after all, it was my minor - and I wondered how long it would take people to realize and/or tell me about my wardrobe malfunction.

It took all day.

I chatted with the production staff a lot and we even went out for ice cream for one of the coworker's birthdays, and I got no response.

Just as I went to clock out, Amanda - the person who's the editor of the alternative publication The Flipside - asked if she was just not up on fashion and that my shirt was inside out. I laughed, told her of my story and almost simultaneously had about three more people tell me my shirt was inside out, even thought they hadn't heard the story.

So, I decided that every day I'm going to walk by Amanda and have her check me out for any possible dressing foibles I might have committed in the morning - and maybe not worry about the production staff caring and/or noticing.

P.S. Apparently inside out IS the fashion statement for some people. Weird.


Brooke said...

I love how you always have cool pictures to post on your blog that are randomly you didn't take. You're going to have to show that to me someday- and I think that's awesome you turned your inside out shirt mistake into an experiment.

Becky said...

Ok Amy I think you may have gotten this quirk from me. I changed in my car one day after work before going into the mall. I got in the mall and realized my shirt was on backwards. I didn't fix it until I went back to the car.