Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of mice and women - to kill or not to kill

I know, I know, two bad cliches in one blog title...just bear with me.

With Becca being as crazy busy as she is these days, and with me being moderately crazy busy as I am, there are days when we don't see each other at all in a day.

So, I try to make an effort to see her when I can - usually keeping her up needlessly at night after I get home early from some rendezvous with Caryn.

In one of these awesome times the other night I noticed something moving in her window well.

"AH!" I screamed.

Okay - I didn't really scream. Although, one of my friends had a peeping tom hop in her window well, so I guess I had a valid reason to be scared. But Becca allayed my fears.

"That's just the mouse living in my window well," Becca said.

"Um...kay," I said. "So, what are you going to do with him?"

"Mom told me to leave it in there," Becca replied.


Now - I'm not an animal lover or anything - I don't parade around in picket lines with "Oxen free!" written all over signs I've made - but when it comes to letting an innocent creature die, I don't feel that great about it. Especially in a cold, cold window well.

Therefore, I decided to capture him in the window well and let him free into the wild.

As always, life never turns out as you plan it. He ran away from me and hid in the corner of the window well for a solid five or ten minutes, meaning I had to climb in there to attempt to trap him.

Yup - he came out of the open window and into Becca's room as soon as I climbed in there.

Another ten good minutes was spent chasing him from under her bed, then to under the dresser, then back to under the bed, at which point Becca pointed out that no one needed to know there was a mouse in the house.

I agreed, but it didn't necessarily mean Becca had my back, since she told my mom the next night.

Benedict Arnold. I mean, I heart you Becca! :) And you, Mr. Mouse.


Becca said...

HEY! I never said I wouldn't tell! I just said it wouldn't matter if there was another mouse in the house; no one would NOTICE. :P So there. :)

Brandon said...

The odds of someone noticing there is a mouse in the house go up dramatically once they are aware there is a mouse in the house.

Just sayin'.

Also, Amy, where in the wild were you planning on releasing this mouse? The window well is probably warmer than anywhere you're willing to drive.

Amy said...

Becca - I assumed by "No one needs to know" that you meant you wouldn't be letting them know...

Brandon - Maybe. Except he could make a little burrow out of grass. Or find a hollow and cover himself. He looked efficient. At least it would give him more choices than a 4 by 2 foot space.

Jennifer said...

I HATE mice! I would not have been so accomodating. My house in Logan had an infestation of various species of mices/voles/etc.. Seriousy, we around 5 a day in the mice cube things. We couldn't go a day without seeing atleast one mouse run along the edge of a room. It seriously scarred me (one horrible experience even resulted in tears) and now I'm majorly paranoid at any movement or noise.

Josh said...

how did I not hear this??!? I sleep downstairs right across the hall

Becky said...


Sharon said...

I know you are soft hearted, Amy, but mice are not something to be softhearted about. And now, there are consequences. Becca tells me that it smells like "something died" in her room--maybe under her dresser. Here's my take on the situation: He (or she) who letteth the mouse in the house should be the one to remove the mouse from the house after it hath expired. Mom 5:1