Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Virtual Tour Part 2

After an incredibly, ridiculously long wait it's time for part two of my virtual tour! It started here, if you missed part one.

Here's my bedroom. I bought those good-looking boxes for my scrapbook I might make one day.

Oh! And then a feint to the upstairs bathroom.

Jetted tub - makes me happy.

Semi-artsy shot of the counter.

$100 waterbed - yes, I am from the 80s. I heart my hodgepodge of blankets - one of which was made by Caryn, with a matching pillowcase. She's amazing.

Nightstand I made in high school, my IKEA lamp, CD alarm clock, cute vase from my cousin Clarisa's wedding with dollar store flowers, humidifier and various other books and stuff.

Closet #1 - shoes, games, bags, random stuff...Man! I love having two closets.

And yet, Closet #2 is bulging full.

I love this sign above my door.

What bedroom is complete without a Homestarrunner poster? Complements of Brandon.

Wall-o-photos and dresser - what's taken me the longest to finish.

I made this bookshelf. From a box. I'm still ridiculously proud.

Hot rack my friend Steph made for me- it's now a hat rack. :)

Shelves o' friends - one of my fav parts of my room.


Becca said...

Sweet! When am I even going to come visit you?!

Amy said...

I dunno - when are you even going to come visit? To my house? Visit? Coming? You have a car...just no time for your sister. *sob.

Jen said...

Hurrah! Love the crib!

Jessica :) said...

Yea for more updates! So fun! I also love the "Don't Ask" sign. It's so you! ;)