Thursday, May 15, 2008

A conversation of an interview

Well, I've done it; after waiting and fretting over the interview at the Park Record, it finally came and it was great.

I got a little lost right at the exit, but then got on the right track and got there 15 minutes early, although it still took me about an hour to get there. I checked in with the secretary and sat back to wait with a copy of the Record they had laying on a bookshelf. It definitely had good design for such a small paper.

Then the interviewer came in and we were ready to go. We went to the conference room and he basically told me about the job. I felt like it was a conversation rather than an interview, which was marvelous. It was shop talk between two people in the newspaper industry. He told me they were a bi-weekly, what their production cycle was, that they had corporate backing from the company who owned the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, and a lot of other things I don't remember now.

The best thing about this guy is that he was genuine: when he asked me if I had any questions, I didn't feel like it was a test I might fail. I felt he was really asking me if I had questions -- what a revelation! He looked at my portfolio and gave me feedback on it, which was also amazing. He liked my temple layout. I felt I would like working in the environment he set up.

He said he was interviewing another person for sure and possibly another person after that, but he needed to make his decision by the end of the month, and he'd let me know in the next week or two. All in all, I feel good about it and it was the most easy-going interview I've ever been in, which was the best part.


Anna said...

yay! I'm so glad you had a good interview. You're going to find something great, whether it be this or something else. Hold out, you'll find something great.

Brandon said...

Yahoo! Hope you get it, Hide-the-Key!