Thursday, May 29, 2008

I saw the president. I think.

First day on the job at the Park Record, and what do you think happens? That's right, the President of the United States comes to visit Deer Valley and his entourage passes right through Park City, right along the street where I work. It was crazy-go-nuts.

This is when they blocked off the road in anticipation of his coming. No, really; I mean no one in, no one out. The cop you can kind of see to the right was nervously eying a guy on crutches, like he didn't really need them and would try to huck one at the limousine.

Here's the motorcycle cop escort. There were at least 14 of them.

I think that one rather far-off limousine with the police lights was the actual transport for the President, although the whole entourage was zipping through town at about 60 mph, so while that thought was going through my head, it was gone.

From what I could tell, my coworkers are all Bush haters and mocked him and the procession the entire time it was happening. I don't know if I'm going to fit in here...Not that I love Bush, but he is our President.

In other work news, it's the classic "How is this job going to work out?" phase of work where I don't know what people think of me and I actually kind of care. Can I joke with them? Should I tell them the actual title of the book I'm reading? (The Belgariad) Do they want help with their work or do they want to do it themselves at their own pace? Mostly, I'm just hoping they don't hate me as much as the last guy in my position. They talk about him all the time and it makes me hope I'm not the next one...


Brandon said...

Hooray the news industry. What is it about journalists that make them so flaming liberal?

If I end up campaigning for Chelsea in ten years, hit me with a shovel.

Amy said...

Ha ha problem.