Thursday, July 10, 2008

First page of pride

As I was wracking my brains for something to blog about, my coworker Sarah posted on her blog some of her fronts she's done for a publication called "Flipside" that we publish here at the Park Record every week.

I thought this was a great idea, but honestly, I've been playing catch up since I've been working here - churn out pages, no matter how they look. I haven't really put any creativity into any the process, mostly because I've had very little warning of what elements I'd have to work with. Which is understandable - when you're an editor here at The Park Record, you write most of your stories, along with edit them and decide where to put them on the page and about a million other things most editors delegate out to lesser peons down the food chain.

So, when the Scene editor Greg gave me about a week's heads-up on a layout he wanted to do for the front, I took off in a right-brained kind of way. It was of a Parachuter's Convention of sorts, where the first women parachuters met and talked about their experience. I got some super-cool old-timey photos from one lady and even a news article. Here's what came out:

I didn't get a lot of response here at work, but I think Greg liked it a lot, especially how it turned out in newsprint. The registration was actually a little off, which kind of made it look a little older than it was - perfect for the effect I was going for.

It's not amazing or my best or most creative work, but it's a starting point I hope to work off of to bigger and better things.


Anna said...

wow. I'm so happy you got a job that you are enjoying, doing something you are good at.

Brandon said...

Looks good, little sister. Glad you had the time to actually get something done you're proud of.

Brooke said...

Look at that- I love the layout it's definitely something I could not accomplish and a kudos to your training and abilities. I have been trying to work in photo shop for awhile on a header for my blog with different pictures and layers- and Eric has to keep bailing me out- so really I look at that in amazement and wonder how people accomplish stuff like that. (And that you thought it up in your head and made it work, you're awesome Amster!)