Friday, January 16, 2009

Since I've been gone

Well, since I've moved I've had a lot on my mind. Here are a few points:

I have no idea how to put things together. I read one list of directions for the rack for my file folder box and my eyes glazed over. Even with the pictures on directions, sometimes I'm still in the dark. This makes me feel incredibly incompetent, yet grateful for people who have the logical sense to put things together. Here's to the engineers of the world - I salute you.

It's weird that my home is now still a house, but contains no family - that I know of, yet. When I head home from places now, I have to remind myself I live in Holladay.

Getting organized/decorating my room - I'm awful about it. I still have empty boxes and my old bed hanging out. I get the urge to organize at the oddest times - like 1 a.m.

Trying to organize five different girls' cars, plus their friends' is hard, especially when you have to line them up in order of departure in the morning. Although, when you know you're pretty much the last one to leave, you just try to park in front.

The end, for now. Pictures of my new place to come...sometime in the future.


Sampsons said...

Aw Ames I understand about that part. I am mechanically challeged and am so glad I have Skyler around to put everything together for me! As for getting the house organized, I empathize completely! So we got all moved in yesterday, and the only thing unpacked is our bed and bedding. No idea how long it will take to put everything together. Wish me luck! Loves you.

Jen said...

I am a tinkerer! I love putting stuff together. Text me if you need help. Also, the organize at 1am thing is something we totally have in common. I often stay up insanely late do organize things I could easily have done during the day but won't. Hurrah for the new place!

Andersen Family said...

It's soo exciting to be moving --sigh -- just not very fun with the packing and unpacking. Oh and for mechanical difficulties, try reading the directions :)