Friday, February 22, 2008

My foray into Broadway

Photo by Steven Hopkins
Yeah, yeah, I know I've used the word "foray" a lot lately in my posts, but it just works so well rhyming with Broadway that I had to use it again.

Anyway, I don't know how many of you I had told about this beforehand, but I auditioned for Broadway Revue (yes, that is the way they spell it) this past Thursday. I told myself before the semester began that I would, so I did. It's basically a show of people singing and dancing to Broadway songs -- go figure. I decided on the song "Nothing" from the musical A Chorus Line.

It was an interesting route getting there, though, just because I realized I needed either an accompanist or a minus track to sing along to during auditions. That was Tuesday when I realized this, so I texted my sister-in-law Mandi and asked her if they provided accompanists or what I could do to audition, since she'd been in the show before- she's amazing that way. :)

She told me I'd probably need to provide either, and I was semi-panicking. I didn't really know anyone who had time to practice the song in two days or could pick up music and play it really well, and my hopes began failing me. Then I asked if I could somehow buy/make a minus track, and Mandi graciously told me, with two day's notice, that she would. Bless her soul. She says it was so she could play with her new music software, Finale, but I just think that was an excuse to not make me feel bad. :)

So, she finished it up the next day, and I had a good half of a day or so to practice with the track and polish my singing and acting. I performed for my roommates the night before, who at least acted amused. Thanks guys.

I checked the Web site to see if I just had to show up at 4 to audition, or if I had to do anything else. It said to sign up at the MC Info Desk, so I dutifully went there that morning and looked at the sheet, which basically said I needed to send my lyrics the day before and had a sign up sheet with time slots. I shrugged my shoulders, signed up anyway, and ran to my next class.

I sent the lyrics, figuring that I would still be okay, and looked at this kind of disclosure they wanted me to sign. "Blah, blah, blah...BYU-Idaho appropriate...Blah blah blah...only students can perform...blah blah can't change the lyrics on a cover song. Wait a second." I had changed three of the words in my song, all three being expletives. I texted Mandi in a panic, wondering if my song was a cover song. She called me back and told me she was pretty sure it wasn't, but I was still a bit wary.

I showed up pretty early for my audition, just because of where I was situated and what I had to do that day, and they didn't start admitting people until 15 minutes after they said they would start, which was interesting. But I just went up to sign in a bit later than I would've, and the girl asked me which lyrics I had changed.

I was like, "That word right there," pointing to the word "nonsense."

"What was the word before?" she asked.

I was almost sorely tempted to blurt it out, but knowing it probably wouldn't win me any points with the Talent Board, I merely said, "A swear word," like a five-year-old would. I don't know why I didn't use the word "expletive," but I was already nervous they wouldn't accept my audition because I'd changed the words. She merely nodded and approved my edits.

With my knees shaking, I entered the MC Little Theater, where five sets of eyes were waiting to take my act in. I introduced myself, spelled my name, and promptly starting switching things around on stage. I took the mic off the stand, pulled a piano bench up to my space and nodded to the guy running the CD player to mash go.

For the most part, I think it went well. I was pretty nervous, but only shook a little when I switched to my head voice and remembered everything I needed to say and sing. Also, they laughed during an appropriate part of my performance, which was encouraging. It's a funny piece, so laughing is a good thing.

After I was finished, I used my wobbly knees to walk out of there and said goodbye to everyone. One of the judges went to go get some food somewhere else in the MC just as I was leaving and told me "You're really good," for whatever that's worth.

I find out if I made the show tomorrow, so I guess we'll see what it was worth.


JoMarch said...

Huzzah! I'm way way excited for you. It sounds like you got the ins, sistah! Oh, and I really think you should have told them what swearword it was. They asked. Did they ask about the other one? That one is ten times worse. Hee hee.

Autumn Lee Hill said...

Good for you Amy. I hope you get in. What song did you do?

Amy said...

I did the song "Nothing" from "A Chorus Line".