Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A vocal minority

In my Money Management class, I have lots of epiphanies. My latest one came about when the class was split into married people and single people in order for the married people to give a kind of "What I Wish I Would've Known" thing about money before they were married.

I thought to myself, before we split up, "I am so in the single minority in this class. It's going to be the married people and me."

That's not quite what happened, however.

I was surprised to find, as we turned our desks toward each other, that the single people occupied more than half of the seats in the room! But, as we did this little exercise, I realized that the people who commented the most were in the married minority, which led me to believe that there were a lot of married people in the class.

This semi-bothered me and made me wonder about why it seems that those who are married are the most vocal in class.

I've got a couple of theories:

1. Only people who are vocal get married.

2. Married people have twice as many life stories to share.

3. When they get married, they become more interested in getting involved in class and getting involved in their education.

4. Some married people think that they because they're married, they suddenly have important things/advice to say to those poor "unmarrieds". ;)

Whatever the reason, I say single people to speak out! Become heard! I know I'm trying to.


Anna said...

I've got a theory Amy, it is a money management class, once you get married you start thinking a lot more seriously about budgeting, saving for your future (things like buying a house and retirement), and it gets more expensive to live because you don't have 5 roommates anymore! Or it could be that we are just vocal. But then again I've been vocal my whole life so don't ask me. :)

Brandon said...

Mandi says that getting married gives one confidence.

I think vocal people tend to get married at a higher rate than quiet and withdrawn people, if just because they get noticed.

Becky said...

Oh man! No wonder I haven't gotten married yet! I am so not vocal.