Friday, February 29, 2008

Something that never fails

I was thinking about what I could blog about today, and although I'm going to blog about my Broadway experience tonight, I decided a much-needed break was in order. I thought, "What gives me a much-needed break?"

I could only think of one word. Well, actually like two words, if ".com" is a word. Or maybe three, with the dot? Okay, well, I thought of one concept:

It's on my list of Web sites I visit daily, along with my email and bank accounts. I can count on something new being there weekly, not counting their sketchbook, fan and quote stuff. If I've had a hard day, nothing can lift my spirits like browsing through my favorite toons or hitting the "random" button and having the site pick a classic StrongBad email.

Everyone in the office knows about my addiction and merely smiles indulgently when they hear me laughing and look over to see what struck me as hilarious, seeing the telltale signs of FreeCountry, USA. I even talk in Teen Girl Squad voices with one of my coworkers — which, by the way, is exhausting.

I love wearing their merchandise, too. There's nothing quite like walking around with "Rock, rock on" on your back, and people yelling from across the quad, "Awesome shirt! I love homestarrunner!" Or getting a coupon for their merchandise for your birthday — it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

What makes people like the Brothers Chaps? Sometimes I wish I could be half as creative as they are — I could definitely use the talent. Although, I'm sure it gets exhausting, cranking out new stuff every week. I wonder if they live on Mountain Dew, or just pure adrenaline from the rush of creating things and seeing it in color, playing back to them.

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JoMarch said...

A-men. Homestarrunner is the bombiest than ever. And I should know. I just love how it's almost ALWAYS a classic. And such memorable lines. "I have a crush on EVERY BOY!" Hahaha.