Monday, April 21, 2008

On the job hunt

In a blink of an eye I was graduated and home in good ol' West Jordan, leaving me to wonder "What's next?"

As always in the summer, I started on the job hunt, but something was a bit different this time: I had a degree and a desire to not settle for anything less than what I wanted in a job.

I started pulling up websites with job offers for journalists and graphic designers, wishing I had put a little more effort into taking classes for graphic design majors -- like typography -- or at least had sat down with a designer at the Scroll to teach me some of their secrets to good design.

Sure, I'm pretty good at the basic ideas of design, especially for page design, but I just realized I wanted to know more about the design world -- but, alas, it's a little too late.

Other realizations I had revolved around my choice of major, and therefore my choice of career. Roughly 100 million advertisements in the classifieds were for engineers or nurses. "Shoot," I thought to myself, "too bad I'm not good at that one science thing." Then there were the 100 million other computer/website design jobs. "Crap. I should have learned HTML."

Then again, I don't like science or computers, and something could turn up in page design, right? Stay tuned for the answer.


Anna said...

Amy, I have been job hunting for a month (oh the joys of having a degree that does not readily apply to anything in the real world. Oh well, it was fun).

Here are some sites I've found to be helpful: (I go under my monster, my local, Utah and its good) has a section called career services with some awesome job listings. I've seen several journalist related things (though I think they've been TV, not print) (which you have probably already found is the classifieds for the major papers in SL)

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you find.

Brandon said...

Yay the wonders of job hunting.

Curse our lack of math skills.