Friday, April 4, 2008

We're basically all just children

Oh Senior Seminar.

Oh last day of Senior Seminar.

Oh getting to last day of Senior Seminar.

And then the heavens opened and the people rejoiced.

It started out like pretty much any other Senior Seminar day, with lots of senioritis and presentations about what people have done wrong in their lives and what they can do to make it right. We got together in groups and were trying to decide whether or not to pull Martha Stewart's line while she was in prison, and what to do about the whole prison thing.

Here's what was on the line: a mystery box marked with a giant question mark.

We decided that we wouldn't pull the items and we'd also do a countdown that coordinated with her freedom from prison, which gave us a tie for the win with another group.

Which meant it came down to a cupcake eat-off. We chose Kirk to do the honors and watched in semi-horror as he downed a Better-Than-(insert your favorite word here) Cupcake, with Skor chips and whipped cream and chocolate cake and caramel. He stopped breathing for a second, I think, but eventually got it down amidst cheers from us -- the curious members of group 2.

We opened the box that, unbeknownst to us, held our salvation.

There it was: dollar store Play Dough in four different colors. I chose red and blue, and was promptly entertained for the rest of the class period making cigarettes (for another group presentation), mountains and little men. Oh, and this little Christmas tree at the top of this post. I was not exempt in my joy; my other group members made cubes, animals and imprints of different objects around them.

This brought me to the realization that everyone is just a kid at heart -- even seniors who are graduating and going out into the world.

It redeemed my thought of humankind and made me want to give the world a can of Play Dough -- not a Coke.


Brandon said...


I forget where I read this, but someone said if you give an adult a box of crayons and some paper, they revert back to kindergarten.

I've never tried it.

Katie Phelps said...


The other day at work, we were talking about the time in January on a plane that the stewardess asked me if I was the unaccompanied minor and told me I couldn't fly because she didn't have my paperwork. Then the conversation turned to how for work, we went to dinner with a bunch of Oral Surgeons and everyone was drinking really expensive wine and other drinks and when the waiter got to me, I asked for root beer. Then when it came in a cool cup, I was excited. My boss (who is no longer LDS) told me it reminded him that there is still good in the world. And that innocence is something we could all use more of. Its a good lesson for us to learn. :)