Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Being a mom

Whenever I come home for breaks and such, my mom's favorite thing to capitalize on is the fact that she has a babysitter at home -- especially when it's Christmas. Not that I blame her, because she has nine kids to shop for, not counting in-laws and teachers and neighbors and her parents. Oh, and she's was in Hawaii last week with my dad.

So, mostly for the Hawaii reason, she asked me to take Micah to Play Group. Play Group is a bunch of moms from the ward who bring their kids to play with each other while they chat it up. Granted, I'm just the older sister of my brother, but sometimes I feel like I'm one of the moms. I know I'm too young, and not even married, but I have had lots of younger siblings to babysit and play with while I was growing up, and even when I went away to college. Case in point: I'm 21 and my youngest brother is four.

I mean, I was sitting there chatting it up with all the moms, and they talked to me about their different kids' quirks, and I remembered my little brother Seth's fascination with pots and pans. One mom commented that her baby was sedate and I remembered Seth and Josh and Jonathan and Micah -- none of whom were really quiet. Ever. But I loved/love them anyway.

I worry about my siblings, I pick them up and drop them off for things, I attend their recitals and concerts. Those are all things I could really do as a good sister, but for some reason, after Play Group this morning, it just isn't the same...


Anna said...

I love this post! Amy, you're going to be a great mom. Your mother is one of my parenting role models. She's really so amazing. And I love your family! I miss the simple days when I'd get to come to the Barrus home and play the piano, watch homestar runner, and attend very crazy dinners. I feel like your home will be very similar...once you meet that right guy and decide the time is right to start a family. Anyway, you're great, that's all I wanted to say.

Brandon said...

Yeah, just think of it as practice for your own family.

I tend to believe I'll be a better day having spent countless hours babysitting growing up.