Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tribute to Scrollies

It's finally happened; what I've been dreading all semester. Scroll is finally over and a ton of my friends are leaving me. A ton already have, but now even more are going to be gone. A lot of times this semester, especially when they were choosing leadership, it occurred to me just how many of my friends I started out with on Scroll are moving on or spreading around the world.

So, I decided to give a tribute of good times to them all, one by one.

Amber Meyers- she was my inspiration to join Scroll in the first place, and she's provided so much laughter since. I love hearing her stories about her classes she's already taught and things that went on the Financial Aid office. Somehow, she'd always know when something was going on at BYU-Idaho. I'll never forget that look she got when she had a story idea-- and how she looked all warm and cozy in her stolen airplane blanket. She's also the person who got me hooked on Lost. So, thanks to my Lost dealer, Amber.

Ben Caballero- I got to know Ben when he was one of the News assistant editors, and my love for him has grown since then. I loved his Q&As he did this semester, ranging from Santa Clause to the new city council member who was a student. He and I both went for the Des News internship and he got it, but he never was egotistical about the fact. In fact, he never had a big head about much of anything. Thanks for the humility and good times, Ben. He also made fun of me like no other all the time, but I took it in stride and knew it was his way of showing his love for me. :)

Jade Swartzberg- our very own South African Canadian Jew- I loved her for all the times she would talk about her heritage. I also loved it when she would tell me about Survivor or the Amazing Race, 'cause heaven knows I didn't keep up on it. She was always hilarious, ready and waiting for a witty comment to throw in Editor's Meeting or during production. She also was supremely calm and never seemed to get ruffled about anything, which helped my stress levels. :)

Keli Glade- I can't believe she's going on a mission, but she'll basically rock on it! She was always so happy in the office, ready to give me the latest youtube video she'd found or comment about Ben Affleck's hair in his latest movie. She had some of the best columns I've ever seen, and she always had her hair done so cutely! I'm gonna miss her in A&E.

Allison Walker Harris- I got to know Allison really well when we were both campus assistant editors with Autumn Hill our sophomore fall semester. She was rather freaked out, 'cause she'd only had like a semester of Scroll, but she did great at learning it quickly. I roomed with Allison for a good year and really got to know her personality even more. She's a stalwart, hard-working, hilarious person. She would always be the first one to shoot the breeze with me in the office, which was fun. Especially her stories of her husband, Warren. :) She never made me feel awkward about being single after she got married, which I enjoyed. Circling crazy ladies on my pages in my ads was always a treat. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will never be the same for me now and I will always be thankful I'm not an English major. Thanks, Allison.

John Gagnon- John was already kind of a Scroll ancient by the time I got to know him in Fall 2004, but that's what was so great about him- I always knew I could turn to him and he would have the answer. Whether coloring in my ads when he should've been reading my page, or singing a song I could harmonize with, John made me laugh my head off when I should've been working. Many a wasted hour was spent on youtube and other various areas of entertainment, and I enjoyed making stuff up with him, like when he'd start talking in his Italian accent and I would answer back. I salute you, John.


Brandon said...

There is no "e" in Santa Claus. Darn that Tim Allen movie.

Otherwise, nice, sappy, post. I feel the love.

I'm going to start writing the one I'll make when you graduate this April.

Anna said...

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