Saturday, December 8, 2007

Comic Frenzy-- my secret dream

I just went to a Comic Frenzy show tonight. One of the 7:00 showings -- those of you who are regulars at the shows know what I'm talking about. 7:00 is a smaller crowd, so the group has a harder time getting into the improv comedy games. So I just kinda started getting into it. Like, crazy getting into it -- giving tons of suggestions and laughing really loudly and thinking of things to say in my head (like the name of a children's book being "Why Mommy Cries") if I were on stage.

Then I thought, why couldn't/can't I be on that stage with them? I remembered that one of the guys on the troupe who I know, John, said they were losing a lot of guys next semester.

And it hit me. What if I tried out?

"Ah! You're not funny enough!" said my evil, non-self-esteem angel side.

"Ha! Yes I am!" I told him. (For some reason, my evil angel is a man. :))

So, as of now, I'm going to try out for Comic Frenzy. That is, until I lose my nerve...


Brandon said...

Sexist. Believing men are evil angels... honestly. I'm disappointed.

Mandi said...

Yay! Go Amy! I've always harbored a similar secret hope...and then I remember how insanely busy I am and that only Brandon gets my jokes most of the time anyway...don't you listen to that negative voice! Go for the gold!!!