Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Takin' a walk

So, after being confined to the house for about four days, I finally decided it was time to take a walk. And although I had many choices available to stroll by, especially since the Jordan River Parkway is about fifteen minutes away, I decided to combine my shopping and exercise, and walk to the good ol' Dollar Store. Whoever thought Dollar Stores up deserves a star. Maybe two.

What's funny about my exercise when I'm home for breaks is that it's nonexistent, and yet at school I get it in at least three times a week, besides walking to class. In Rexburg, Idaho. What else is funny is that Brandon gets more exercise when he comes home. Lots of brothers to wrestle and play basketball with, I guess. So I've decided to become more like Brandon, although not disgrace myself in front of my adolescent brothers. They are mostly taller than me and stuff me with ease, although they usually try to be nice at first and pretend that I'm holding my own.

Anyway, I headed out in the beautiful temperature of 44 degrees, rather unheard of in Rexburg, and actually took off my coat for most of the walk. I'm sure the people driving by were like, "Homeless or just a crazy?" Ah, well.

Something else that's crazy is how many things you can be grateful for if you start looking around. All those people driving by made a wind of some sort, and although it wasn't the natural sort of wind one gets from a lake or the ocean or anything, it was still pretty cool- especially when a semi drove by. The pavement and asphalt weren't the most beautiful things to look at, but at least they didn't have ice on them. The fact that I have legs is something to be excited about, and the fact that I can use them is even more marvelous.

So, if "upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed," or even if you're sailing calm seas, take time to look around and be grateful. It's well worth the glance.

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