Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things I Love

So I've been tagged by Anna Bergevin (spelling? Sorry if I'm wrong) to write about this, so here are three things I love more than my family, roommates, children, or soda. I don't know how family and children are different, but they are. It's hard when you're not married and you don't have the choice of husband, so you have to fill that spot with something similar...;)

1) Lost parties with my family. Actually, any parties with my family. I know it kinda counts as being my family, but they make me happy, especially when we can all get together and go to San Francisco or Denver. I'd rather hang with my fam than anyone else.

2) Making people laugh. I love coming up with things on the fly and hearing genuine laughter afterward. This happens a lot when Becca and I go off on something random. I love times with her, too, a lot.

3) When teachers validate my life by complimenting me. I'm going to be honest, sometimes it's just not enough to do assignments just for the sake of knowledge. I love every once in awhile to have a "gold star" moment.

I'm tagging Becca, Brandon and Katie McPhelpen to do the same thing I just did.

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