Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day numba two in my foray into the Frenzy

This is going to be a short, somewhat boring post because my second day of tryouts for Comic Frenzy was basically the same as the first day.

Oh, except I did worse. Yet, I had a lot of fun with it. How does that one work? I dunno, but I'm grateful because it means I don't feel like I wasted my time for two hours today.

I was tired yet again, and still sick, and honestly, I didn't really get into it very much. I had maybe one or two funny things here and there, but overall I was just kinda hanging in there.

Oh, and watching all the other hilarious people display their talents, especially people I've known for a little while. I loved it when the people in Comic Frenzy laughed out loud while trying to contain the facade of being the "cool" ones -- that was probably my favorite part. That and laughing so hard it hurt.

From here, there's a mock show of five or six people tomorrow at six, and they're releasing the list for the mock show at 11 tonight at the latest, but I'm just going to go check it when I have a dance class in that building. Don't really have any hopes of even making the mock show, but I'm probably going to go anyway because I already feel a connection with the people I tried out with -- and they're hilarious!

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