Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My first day of foray into the Frenzy

I promised to write about my tryouts for Comic Frenzy, and so here I am.

First off, I was exhausted and had a pile of things to do before going to bed tonight, so I was tempted to just skip the whole thing. Then I remembered the promise to myself and to all you people, and I walked right into that there Kirkham building and wrote my name down on a piece of paper and a name tag.

It was an interesting crowd. You know how you have a certain idea of what kind of people are funny in your mind? Almost none of the people I looked around at fit the bill -- and then we started playing.

We warmed up our brains a little and then split up into two groups, one to work on music and wit, and one to work on character and scenes. I worked in the music and wit group first.

I thought that one of my strengths would probably be the musical stuff, so I kinda had a chance to see just what kind of stuff I could do. In one of the games my problem was that I was bald, and I couldn't think of anything that rhymed with bald. So, I made up an animal called a "fald". Yes indeed I did. I waited like 30-40 seconds to come up with "fald". Oh well. At least I stayed in the 7-5-7-5 pattern. That was a plus.

Then we played a game where we each had a part of the song to write, which was interesting. We started with tennis, and somehow polar bears got in there and never were resolved. I got to sing, "It's all about the skirt" extremely high during the chorus. That was fun.

We had about 15 minutes to do wit/pun stuff, wherein I learned that I have none of either. Basically they're popout games where an idea is presented and if you have one you step forward. I thought of a couple for the "Waiter there's a _____ in my soup," but puns aren't my thing really. I also thought of a couple for the movie blooper game, which was fun. "I will at a time come back to this present place" for Terminator. Overall not that impressive.

Then we went upstairs to do character and scene stuff. We did scenes where the first person in the scene established a person and the second person established the where. It was pretty fun, although there were times when I didn't know if I just thought I was funny or if everyone else did, too.

That was the bottom line of the tryouts, actually. I had some moments, but for the most part I was with some really amazing people who could develop characters and keep something funny going for as long as it was necessary. I just don't think I have that extra oomph to make myself noticeable and wanted. Oh well.

I did have an okay character moment, actually. In a character-sketch type thing, I decided to be one of those people who sings all the time and tries to match pitch to voice, and I said I had perfect pitch in seven countries. And I didn't laugh afterward, either! I'm still amazed at myself. :)

I promised Becca I'd see it through to the end, so I'm going tomorrow, too, to day two of tryouts. Let you know how that one goes.


Brandon said...

Awesome, Amy. Good for you for trying out.

Katie Phelps said...

You are amazing! I'm very impressed that you are trying out (I'm not funny at all, but if I were I would never have the guts) And I love that you are posting about it. I miss you a whole bunch!