Thursday, January 31, 2008

Senior Seminar: senioritis in an enclosed space

One of the requirements of my major is a class called Senior Seminar, which you must take as a senior, obviously. I don't know if the heads of the department really thought this through before putting this class into play. A bunch of seniors, either a semester or two semesters from graduating...all in class together...early in the morning...

The best part of the whole thing is the fact that we're in groups and supposed to do group things from time to time. Before last night, I have never been in a group where it was blatantly stated that they didn't want to be there and didn't care about the assignment. I've been in groups where the underlying tone was that fact, but I've never had it openly said. Until last night.

Honestly, before our little rendevouz, I had basically wiled the day away with a very long nap and half an assignment. I was still in that mood when it was expressed that no one else really cared, making my mood even worse. It was like an awful cycle of senioritis going round and round in that little newsroom.

I had written partial answers to all five questions we were supposed to answer. We're talking five questions here, people. Five, concise, sucinct, answers -- maybe a paragraph long at most. Everyone was amazed at my feat of academia. Have we really degenerated to things as sad as this when we become seniors? I haven't. Yet.


Becky said...

Amy! My senior seminar class was awful too. We all wanted to just get the credit to graduate but the teacher was determined to make it interesting and exciting. It wasn't. Basically he would get all worked up about an issue and his face would go bright red. I think we were waiting for him to stroke out.

Guess what they did for the next year? Yes, they got rid of senior seminar as a requirement to graduate.

Jessie said...

Amy, you may or may not remember me (I was friends with Brandon and Brooke, I found you on Brandon's page as I was surfing around) but I just have to agree with you here--my senior seminar class was pretty much a joke, though a depressing one. The class felt a lot like the "intro to the english major" class that had started my progress as an english major--we talked a lot about what jobs were out there, and how to get them... stuff we'd been thinking about for years at that point, really. And the worst part was that they put us in a room on the 2nd floor of a building with a beautiful view of the outside... it was really hard to go, and stay, in that class.

Ali Rhoda said...

In response to that cartoon: I actually have more free time, so don't believe everything you hear.